daPanel v2 – (Wide Album Designs)


The photoshop extension that helps you create fantastic photo albums in Photoshop has been redesigned in order to support the english-speaking users and also the latest Photoshop versions!

The second version of the “Digital Album Panel (daPanel)” v2 brings a new era in the way someone could create a professional digital photo album (or a photo book) with the possible use of thousands  design combinations you will find enclosed in the extension!

Also, the extension is “cross platform”. So you can work it in Mac & PC computers without problems!

Last but not least, you can use the extension in all your computers without restrictions!

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Product Description

The Digital Album Panel (daPanel) v2, is the second version of the successful photo album panel creator in Adobe Photoshop!

The new version of daPanel is written in english (the v1 was written in greek), is faster, more organised, builded in HTML 5 & Javascript architecture & supports the newer versions of Adobe Photoshop (CC2014 and newer).

The changes in the language, architecture, design and compatibility it’s not the only change in daPanel v2 though.

The major update has been the new philosophy of the Album Designs Tab. In the version 1 of daPanel there have been at about 120 pre builded double page designs to choose from. Indeed it was a big collection but the version 2 has changed the game totally!

In this version you don’t only have pre builded double page designs (I kept the best of them also in the v2) but you have a huge collection (more than 250 designs) of single pages. The single pages can be combined and along with the other designs (double pages, intermediate pages, Front & Back Covers) can let you create more than 70,000 double page combinations!

All with simple clicks and an amazing ease!

The daPanel v2 (Wide Album Designs) it will help you create wide page Digital Photo Albums & Photo Books with maximum resolution of (width x height) 30x40cm (11,81×15,75in) or double page dimensions (width x height) 40x80cm (11,81×31,5in).

Also you will get extra designing elements, such as Photoshop Actions, Brushes, Shapes, Styles and selected free Fonts!

What’s new in this version

The daPanel v1 gave great flexibility to photographers when the subject was the digital photo album. The previous version supports the older versions of Photoshop (CS6 & CC) but it’s written in greek and it’ doesn’t work in newer versions of Photoshop.

The new version is superior in every aspect, bellow you will read the main updates of the v2 version:

  • It’s designed in english language (there is also a greek version in the greek micro site)!
    • Builded from scratch with new architecture (HTML 5 & Js). It works with the new standards of newer Photoshop versions(CC2014, CC2015)!
      • Smaller in size to work better in small screen resolutions (now you can work also with a laptop)! 
        • It is “Cross Platform”, which means that you can install it both in pc and mac computers!
          • You are free to install it in all your computers!

          The Wide Album Designs Interface

          Get today the “daPanel v2 (Wide Album Designs)” and take advantage of a unique creating software that will help you create correct, fast and artistic Photo Albums in the environment of Adobe Photoshop!

          What you’ll get

          The daPanel v2 is a fantastic extension but I will give you more than that to help you expand your designing skills!

          • The Photoshop Extension “daPanel v2 (Wide Album Designs)” for win/mac.
            • Totally 328 designs which will give more than 77.000 page design combinations.
              • 59 high quality Photoshop Brushes to hide & reveal extra elements.
                • 31 Photoshop Shapes for vector designs in your projects.
                  • 20 frames & backgrounds for immediate use in your photo albums.
                    • Video help for installation & first use of the daPanel v2. 
                      • 20 hand picked free fonts to beautify your creations!

                      The advanced photo albums creation will become a “piece of cake” in your hands with the help of the daPanel v2″!

                      The daPanel v2 (Wide Album Designs) will help you create powerful photo albums and photo books in all known dimensions of a Wide page (or double page design). And it will be with real ease, a few mouse clicks and always inside the environment of your beloved Adobe Photoshop!

                      Create with maximum speed at last make photo albums that will make you really proud!

                      The daPanel v2 (Wide Album Designs) works in Windows & Macintosh computers. Compatible Photoshop versions are the CC2014 and newer.



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