Who I am

Hello, my name is Evan Vlasopoulos, the creator of teachme.gr and the “Digital Album Pane (daPanel)”!

Thank you very much for your interest in my new creation which has been created from a Photographer to help other fellow photographers and graphic designers! In this page you will read some info about me and also you will find ways to communicate with me.


From a child, I always loved photography and from the moment I met Adobe Photoshop, my whole theory about computers was altered.

Since then, in daily basis I am working as a Photographer with main tools, my camera and Adobe Photoshop!

At the same time, since 2009 I founded and still updating the biggest greek web site with creative video tuts (www.teachme.gr).

Contact Details

Evan Vlasopoulos
Evan VlasopoulosPhotographer - A.C.E.
Please contact with me through social networks or the contact form (click here).

Other Details

Some of my favourite things to do is Landscape, Food and Eyes Photography. When I am in the office,  Adobe Photoshop is always open and I always try to find smart ways to expand it’s features.

With that way I can combine two of my creative “loves”, photo shooting and photo editing! I could say that with the usage of Photography and Photoshop I am trying to accompish the following:

    • Perfect visually photo shootings
    • Unique Photo Manipulations
    • Solutions for others through my knowledge
My biggest success so far it’s the www.teachme.gr.

From teachme.gr I continue to offer more than thousand of video tutorials in my virtual students. Daily I am trying to share my love for Photography, photoshop and many other sectors!

That way, my knowledge will “live” forever!

After teachme.gr, which has been established in the top of the greek creative training web sites, I am trying to find solutions to daily routine problems of Photographers.

That’s why I designed the “Digital Album Panel“, to help you do your job easier, faster and accurate without troubles and losing so much time.

In this sector i tried to do my best and I finally created a wonderful extension that it’s something unique and looks “to good to be true”. But it’s 100% true and will change the way you were thinking about web album designs in the past!

That’s why the Digital Album Panel v2 is my best designed Photoshop extension!


Because it will bring immediate solution to thousand’s of Photographers out there. The plethora of choices of the daPanel v2, will help you create professional digital photo albums that will make you and your clients incredible happy and proud!

That way we will all be happy!